We’ve seen that Online Video can contribute greatly to conversion rates, from 9% to 400%, but the effects it has on a business can be much greater, like brand recall and awaress.

A recen research commissioned by video platform Unruly states that “Viewers are far more likely to recall a brand name and engage with an ad’s message if a branded video has been recommended to them”, which makes a lot of sense, given that the same already happens with general product recommentation and the like. When our peers recommend something to us we’re more likely to do it than if we just see it on TV or online or read about it.

The survey was conducted by Decipher Research and found that social recommendations had a direct impact on traditional brand metrics and ad enjoyment.

Some interesting stats coming from it were:

– brand recall and brand association rose 7 percent among viewers who had been recommended the videos, versus viewers who found it by browsing;

– 73 percent of respondents who viewed a recommended video recalled the brand when prompted versus 68 percent of viewers who had browsed to the video directly;

– there was a 14 percent increase in the number of people who enjoyed the video following a recommendation versus those who had discovered it by browsing;

– people who enjoyed a video were 97 percent more likely to purchase the product featured in the video.

Again, that’s sort of expected, but one thing is to know that is right and another is to have hard evidence back by research telling you that!

Furthermore, Unruly’s COO Sarah Wood said:

“Social video is a powerful format for engaging consumers. If a brand creates great video content and makes it easy to share, it will see impressive results across the entire purchase funnel.”

They issued a whitepaper titled “Social Ad Effectiveness” to read the whole thing, click right here.