The launch of gets ever closer and once again we need your help and inspiration.

This time we’d like you to show us examples of your favourite viral videos.

They don’t have to be videos that were created or commissioned by you – they can just be something interesting that you’ve seen and would like to share with the Wooshii community.

To upload your videos, visit the new “My Virals” tab on the right side of your profile page.

You’ll need to paste the ’embed’ code from YouTube (or a similar site) in order for the video to be displayed on Wooshii.

Doing this will help both you and us.

1, Firstly, every time a video you’ve uploaded is viewed by a unique daily visitor, your view count will increase.

Potential clients are likely to look for creatives who have a good track record of attracting viewers, so get yourself a head start by uploading some videos!

2, Secondly, it will allow us to test our viral tracking system. This is still in development, and having some real live virals (and real live data) to play with will be a big help to us.

3, Finally, hopefully the videos will entertain and inspire all the members of the Wooshii community and give us all some creative ideas of how video can be used for viral marketing and entertainment.

If you’ve got any questions at all, please leave me a comment!

Many thanks as always for your help,