After every new comscore video report every month, chances are records will get broken – be it in terms of overall number of videos watched, or for example in the number of videos watched in a single month – like in this latest report: 11.3 billion video ads watched.

Let’s take a look at some of the other stats in the report:

  • 182 million U.S. Internet users watched online video in December 2012;
  • Those correspond to 84.9 percent of the U.S. Internet audience
  • Nearly 38.7 billion pieces of video content were watched;
  • And the duration of the average online content video was 5.4 minutes
  • There were 11.3 billion views in video ads, the most recorded in a month, ever.
  • … which accounted for 22.6 percent of all videos viewed
  • Average duration of a video ad was 0.4 minutes.
  • … and video ads account for 1.9 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online.

So less videos watched overall than last month, but more video ads watched.

As to top properties in the video space this month, Google Sites (who else?!) is first, and Facebook is back at number two after many months. VEVO comes 3rd in this race.

comscore dec 1

When it comes to top delivering ads networks, Google is back at number one, closely followed by Brighroll.

comscore dec 2

That’s it for another month! You can check the full report here.