So I have had a few questions coming through from creatives on the system. As the Wooshii machine slowly chugs into life I thought I would post an extract from one conversation here. It may well answer some of your questions

“my question is about the payment system.  How does that work?  I don’t see a payment system in place? “

Fergus – Non of the posting projects areas are live yet. They will be arriving next week. We just wanted to test the actual bidding process first.

“Or if I’m a creative, and someone is interested in having a video done by me, they would contact you first, and pay you, then you pay us?”

Fergus– to answer your questions

1. If a buyer would like to have a viral made

a. They set up a project

b. They set and pay the total budget to Wooshii

c. Creatives pitch

d. Once a winner is agreed and project completed Wooshii releases the funds to the creative

2. If a buyer then decides to seed a project

a. They set a budget

b. They set a click through rate

c Publishers publish the viral on their blog, links to it etc

d. Their account is credited with payments until the buyers budget runs out

I see, very much like 99 designs, but that’s for logos.  And the creatives, know upfront how much the budget is, wooshii, just takes a cut right?  So really the customer is sold on the pitch only.  As oppose to 99, where the customer dictates how much they will pay, and creatives, produce the product upfront and is paid if the customer likes it.  But the customer also can choose not to pay anyone.

I think some pitches maybe better than others, but if the customer is sold on the pitch and the video quality is poor, well I guess the customers will already have seen videos from that creative to get an idea of the quality.  So nevermind, just answered my own question

Fergus – Yep bang on you got it

It means that

1. Creatives do not have to produce whole videos to pitch

2. Creatives who are “creative” but maybe not technical i.e. can’t actually produce a flash game can still pitch in ideas and concepts

3. You can split the work i.e. Take one persons idea and then re-submit the project looking for someone to actually produce it

4. And yes reputation is everything. Unlike say 99 designs where you can only gain reputation through winning projects with Wooshii every viral of your own that you upload gains you view and so reputation. (even if not for a actual project)