This video, called “Future Innovation: Video & Photoshop”, was uploaded to the official Adobe Photoshop Youtube account a few days ago:

Get a glimpse of what the Photoshop team has been working on, when it comes to video and Photoshop. You won’t believe what you can do when you unite the power of Photoshop with easy and approachable video editing tools!

It is a cool idea, but weird at the same time since Adobe has its own video editing suite, Premiere. But, when you hear the words of Bryan O’Neil Hughes, senior product manager for Photoshop, and think about it, it makes perfect sense:

Video is now being generated by photographers…everyone really; the 5D Mk. II really kicked it off on the DSLR, but since then we’ve seen just about every DSLR, point and shoot and PHONE generate video…most of it HD! We did several waves of research and regularly heard, “I want Photoshop for video”; “I need a workflow I understand” and for the people who had seen what we introduced in CS3 Extended – “make that easier to use.” Video is being generated by more people than ever before; it’s being shared more places than ever…and yet people are hitting a wall with what they can do with it! They know and love Photoshop…their stills are already passing through it, the fit is more natural than it sounds at first.

Take a look: