Personalised Video

The combination of personalised advertising and video is a powerful tool for advertisers to use, combining highly targeted content with the emotional pull of video.

Scrolling through Facebook in 2014 would have seen a huge number of personalised ‘Look Back’ videos. These videos gave users the chance to create a highlights reel of their Facebook profile, ultimately producing 720 million rendered videos.

Personalised content lends itself to Facebook compatibility due to pictures, statuses, friends, preferences, and more being so readily available.

Because of this, social media and personalised content go hand in hand. If you are looking into creating personalised content, social media is one of the best channels through which to implement this.


Facebook Look Back Personalisation

Why should brands use personalised video?

The perfect marketing storm

  • It combines video (one of the most emotive mediums) with content personalisation (speaking directly with consumers).

Speaks directly to a consumer

  • The advert could link with something they have just bought or searched for online, which by definition will increase the chances of its direct relevance to the consumer.

Promotes sharing and UGC

  • User generated content is a sure fire way of promoting consumer interaction and increasing brand awareness. Add in the opportunity of having friends’ names/faces in the video and the incentive to share goes sky high (think Elf Yourself).

Coca Cola Personalised

How to make personalised video work for your company


  • Is it of real value to your target audience?
  • Does it convey key brand messages?
  • Can you make your videos more personalised?


  • Can personalisation fit into your current marketing strategy?
  • Is it more cost effective to outsource certain activity?
  • Can the responsibility for video be shared throughout your organisation?


  • Can you respond quickly and appropriately to customer feedback?
  • Is your business model flexible enough to allow consumers to influence what you are offering?
  • Are you able and willing to communicate via new channels?


Easy ways to start testing

One of the easiest ways to test out content personalisation is by linking a simple video to your email database. This would provide simple success metrics for different targeting groups and could prove whether personalised content is worth the investment.

For example, this campaign by Management Consulting company UPC is a fresh way of welcoming new customers to the company by providing a personalised walkthrough of their next steps.

Check out the video here.