Top Five 5-Second Hooks

The first 5 seconds of your video is critical. It’s the hook that keeps people watching. Here are some of our favourite 5-second hooks for YouTube ads.

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Politics and the Role of Video

How has the medium of video affected politicians, and what are the similarities between politics and today's successful marketing strategies?

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Interactive Video Ads

Now that Facebook and Instagram can support the format, how should brands consider interactive video ads on social media?

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Live 360 Video | What does it mean for brands?

What does YouTube's latest introduction of live 360 video streaming capabilities mean for brands? Is it yet more proof of a mainstream move towards VR?

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Top 10 Killer Stats for Video Marketing

Yes, we all know that video is the future. But what are some of the key stats to back this up?

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5 Videos Every Business Needs

Everyone knows that video is becoming a key factor for a company's success - but where do you start? Find out which videos are the best for raising brand awareness, increasing conversion rates and promoting your product/services.

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Live Video

Live video can give brands a chance to stay on the pulse with real time and disposable video content. Is it a passing gimmick or something that is here to stay?

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Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video is exploding and gives your brand a chance to win fans, followers, likes, and, ultimately, increase sales.

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Vertical Video

Yes, it may be the bane of filmmakers’ lives, but there’s no doubt that vertical video is rising in popularity. Should you be looking into it?

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