Medical Marketing | What’s Trending?

The medical sector is a huge business and it’s being run like one too. Let’s take a quick look and see what’s trending in the world of medical marketing.

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YouTube's UX Leaders

YouTube’s UX Leaders on How Video Ads Have Evolved

David Mogensen, Google's head of YouTube ads marketing, recently sat down with YouTube's UX leaders Javier Bargas-Avila and Scott Hines. We've pulled together some key quotes.

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Corporate Communications

What can I say…? The 5 Best Uses of Video in Corporate Communications

Corporate communications are a great way of engaging with and motivating your employees. But what exactly should you be saying in these videos?

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Improve your Corporate Communications with Video

A key way to keep your employees engaged, motivated and committed is through the effective delivery of corporate communications. Video plays a major part in this.

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Keeping Active on YouTube…The Easy Way

Keeping active on your YouTube channel is essential if you want to retain and grow your subscriber list. Check out this cheat sheet showing you how to keep active on your YouTube channel, without breaking into a sweat.

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More Killer Stats for Video Marketing

Sometimes it’s best to sit back and let statistics do the talking. Check out some more killer video marketing stats on online video marketing.

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Virtual Reality | Is it Worth the Fuss?

Virtual Reality...Augmented Reality...Who doesn’t feel a tingling sense of anticipation when thinking about its possibilities? But should brands adopt it into their marketing strategies?

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Internet Trends 2016 | Freelancing

Freelancing, On-Demand Talent, Gig Economy, Platforms… Is this the end of work as we know it? Find out what internet guru Mary Meeker has to say, and how Wooshii plays a role in connecting freelancers with businesses.

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Brand Guidelines for Successful Video Content

Just as you have brand guidelines for print and online communications, your video marketing strategy should be no different. What do you need to consider?

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