The latest comScore report to come out about online video isn’t about last month’s rankinks but an overall view facing Online Video in 2012. It’s called s 2012 US Digital Future In Focus report, and yet again has some impressive numbers.

For instance, when compared to December 2010 where 30.1 billion videos were viewed by Americans, December 2011 saw a 43% increase with 43.5 billion videos viewed. That is a huge increase in a one year time span!

Moreover, the number of people in the US who watched online video everyday increased from 73.7 million to 105.1.

Google Sites (Youtube) continues to dominate the platforms, and not only that but it’s almost as big as every other platform combined:

But another key fact in this report is the studies conducted by comScore in 2011 that found that online video ads are 38% more memorable that TV ads, something that will continue to drive both viewing away from the TV to the online world, and of course advertising spend will follow the eyeballs.

As a proof of that, the report says that video advertising volume is rising faster than total videos streamed. The ratio of the number of video ads to total videos grew from 12.8 percent to 14.1 percent, with video ad volume up 20% to 7.1 billion ads served this year.

Dan Piech, Product Manager at comScore for Online Video, has a sum up of all this data, take a look:

It is yet another Online Video report showing that every indicator is on the rise, and we’ll sure continue to see the trend in 2012.