Welcome back to another interview with a member of the Wooshii community. This time we bring you Gareth Jones, a motion graphics artist / animator / illustrator from Sheffield, UK, who has been winning quite a lot of pitches over the last year.

How did you get started with creative things?

From a young age I’ve always had mostly creative interests. Even back in my school days, the only subjects which interested me were art, design and sometimes technology. Anything which involves invention and creative application has always appealed.

What has been your path right up to this moment?

Following a degree in Multimedia Arts, I spent 6 or 7 years motion/graphic designing for 2 studios and building up experience. Now I’m freelance which is great because the freedom allows me to divide my time between paid work and my own little projects. I registered with Wooshii about one year ago … such a diverse range of projects get posted here, and each one I have been involved with has been interesting and a lot of fun.

How does it feel to be a creative working on online video nowadays?

Very exciting, it’s such a booming industry. The way online information is presented is changing and video is becoming as abundant as image and text. The next few years will be really interesting.

Pros and cons?

A definite plus side is the current high demand for video and animation. Businesses and individuals are really eager to have video content on their websites.

You’ve won a few projects at Wooshii. What are some good tips for winning pitches?

I’m not sure I’m able to offer any tips, but I always begin with research. I think finding out as much information on the client to begin with will result in a relevant and effective pitch. Even spending 5 minutes reading through their website can help buildup an understanding of where they’re coming from and what they might be looking for.

What is the favourite video you’ve made so far?

Last year I produced an animated music video for piece of music called To Dust, by the british composer Helen Jane Long. It was only a personal project and totally unofficial, but it was very liberating to begin a project with no brief and simply follow instinct.

What is your favourite video on the whole web?

TED talks.

Favourite software (or hardware) to work with?

Apple hardware and software. It’s reliable and it works.

And which software or hardware (or both) doesnʼt exist, but you wish it would?

A video codec which achieves amazing image quality and a tiny, tiny file size.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on several animation and motion graphic commissions from different agencies and businesses. Also a personal project which is a short animated story.

Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Somewhere rural and quiet with a fast internet connection.

Thanks to Gareth for the time in answering these and good luck with future projects!

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