There is no doubt that mobile online Video is on the rise, but now a new study by analytics company Bytemobile says it accounts for half of all mobile traffic (even as far as 69% in some networks). Those numbers are simply mindblowing!

The 50% average number is up from 40% last year, and tablets are responsible for driving more traffic than phones – the iPad, for example, is said to generate three times more traffic than an iPhone, while on Android, that number is double when comparing Tablets and phones.

Another very interesting thing coming from this report is that the resolution in which people are seeing videos is changing: people want to see better resolution videos.

As you see:

– the percentage of 480p videos is significantly bigger in January of 2012 than on 2011;
– the ammount of 240p videos is almost half in 2012 than on its 2011 counterpart;
– and in 2012 you start to see 720p in the mix, non-existen in mobile video traffic in 2011.

What does this all mean?

Well for one thing it’s one more report confirming that mobile video continues to be on the rise.

Another thing to take into consideration is that people are seeing a lot of video in tablets, so you might want to adjust your campaign to that specific device.

Finally, make sure you have your video in the biggest resolution possible, because people demand good quality video.