It is still practically impossible to predict how popular a specific video might become over the weeks and months. However, certain metrics can be measured when videos are viewed. These metrics seem to be tied to the action of sharing content on a social network. Since social sharing is a major part of making a viral video hit, Unruly has created a tool to provide insight on the “shareability” of a specific clip. Investing in the information provided by this company could be worthwhile if you’re sure you need a viral hit to spark up business.

The Chart

This new algorithm for predicting the power of a video was released by Unruly in February. The company designed it as yet another part of their full testing and analysis lab for video popularity. They have developed multiple techniques for social tracking to create a chart that shows the rise and fall of viral video trends. The Viral Video Chart contains data on all of the metrics the company has found linked to success after release. This chart includes data from more than 300 billion streams to provide a quick glimpse of the entire industry.

What You Get

The ShareRank programme involves real viewing tests with over 150 people. At least 100 people used for the test will be from the target demographic of the company. This provides a greater view into the mind of the customer you want to attract. Viewers interact with the content and report about its good points and unattractive features. If you notice a constant theme in the comments, you can quickly adjust your video marketing efforts to see greater returns in weeks. This kind of flexibility is rarely provided by other kinds of video analysis. Finding out your ShareRank is one step in the journey towards creating your own viral hit. The company reports an 80% rate of success among the companies that used the data gathered to create a content strategy for video.

Building Bridges

Use the ShareRank information to change both new and old content for maximum effect. Make existing clips more visible by determining why viewers aren’t finding your content when searching the web. Ensure new material fits the needs of consumers and determine which social networks to target, with one round of intensive testing. You should ultimately integrate the information from Unruly with other research to create a complete distribution plan across multiple platforms.