In a time when the average of videos ads seen in the US alone, per month, is around 10 Billion, another big tech company jumps in the opportunity and started to offer video ads to its customers.

That company is Linkedin.

This is what they said on an email newsletter sent last week:

LinkedIn Ads now has video ads! Promote your business, drive traffic, and capture qualified leads with our new video ad formats.

Do you have a story to tell? Put video ads to work for your business.

Additionaly, they offer this piece of information: video ads have 3x greater CTR than traditional ads.

So what is it?

A LinkedIn video ad lets you show a 30-second video in your ad instead of a standard image. When clicked, the video will expand to cover the entire ad unit. After watching the video, members will see a Send me info option, allowing you to easily collect leads.

Creating a video ad is similar to creating a text advertisement, except you select Video from the Media Type dropdown.


Step 1: Under the Media Type dropdown

Step 2: Select Video.

Step 3: Add your headline, description, video URL, and your destination URL.

Step 4: Click Next Step and select the target audience for your ad.

Step 5: Set a daily budget and bid on how much you’re willing to pay for each video view.

Step 6: Enter your billing information and submit the ad.

When creating a video ad you’ll be able to set a maximum Cost Per View (CPV) bid. This means you’ll only pay when a member clicks to play the video. The minimum CPV bid for video ads is a steep $4.00, a lot more than other video advertising networks like Google/Youtube (where you can have CPVs at single digit cents), Virool (average 10 cents), or Stumbleupon Paid Advertising (10-25 cents).

Nonetheless, if the CPV is that high it must mean the targeting is much more precive and you get higher conversion rates than you would from other services… right? We don’t have data on this yet, but will make a new post as soon as we do.

It’s another step into a online video world consolidation, and another sign that in the business world, online video is one of the most important tools one can use.

If you need help setting up those ads or getting a video for them, just let us know 😉