Keeping active on your YouTube channel is essential if you want to retain and grow your subscriber list.

In fact, YouTube are all about promoting channels who are keeping active. They highlight how active you’ve been to your subscribers in their Channel feed (see the little numbers of recent uploads to the right of the channels?), and recent uploads pop up on subscribers’ YouTube homepage.

YouTube Channel Activity

But fear not, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to produce a piece of perfectly polished content every week. For example, commenting or creating playlists also counts as activity. Below is a cheat sheet showing you how to keep active on your YouTube channel, without breaking into a sweat…

Create playlists that include other people’s videos

Playlists don’t need to be made up of your own videos. If you have a great theme in mind, you can always add other people’s videos and highlight their content.

Wooshii Tip

When making playlists, always bear in mind whether you’d want to watch these videos back to back yourself. Do you want to see 5 recipes all about bolognese in a row, or would you prefer a playlist about, let’s say, ‘Easy and quick recipes to impress your date’ or ‘5 quick recipes for after work’?

Check out Visit London’s YouTube channel. They’ve created playlists from all sorts of user generated videos showcasing some of the best parts of the city.

VisitLondon Keeping Active

Be chatty

Comment and respond to comments on your own videos. Make users feel that their contributions count and encourage debate.

Wooshii Tip

Invite people to participate by posing questions within your comments. Not only do all of these grow an engaged community, but they also count as activity on your channel.

British Airways are great at responding to comments:

British Airways Keeping Active

Set and share a schedule

Create a schedule that is manageable and consistent, such as uploading a video every Friday. Share this schedule so that your subscribers know when to expect the next piece of content.

Wooshii Tip

Identify seasonal events that you can build content/playlists around.

SORTEDfood, for example, mention a schedule in their About Section so subscribers know when to expect videos.

SORTEDfood Keeping Active

Don’t be precious

If you are going to build regular content, make it repeatable and manageable. This will only make your lives easier in future.

Wooshii Tip

Keep the setup simple and formulaic, and create ideas that are easily sustainable.

As an example, Tesco wanted to release a series of How To recipe videos, so it uses the same room, the same style and the same video format to create content at scale.

Tesco Keeping Active

Repurpose extra footage

Shoot a ton of content during production so that you can repurpose the footage. This can later be released as bloopers, shorter form content, trailers, behind the scenes, etc. and is another way of keeping active on YouTube.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s recent campaign ‘The Gentleman’s Wager’ made the most of their budget and created repurposed content from extra footage filmed on set.

Johnnie Walker Keeping Active

Drip feed videos

People who have a catalogue of videos often upload them all at once when they launch their YouTube channel, but this isn’t necessarily the best approach.

It’s worth drip feeding them (1 video per week, for example) so that subscribers see new activity each week. This will also give you backup content for the times when you can’t produce new videos.



Do you need any help with finding ways to keep active on your YouTube channel? Our producers here at Wooshii are YouTube Certified, so get in touch at and we’d be happy to offer our advice and support.