The following post was written by James Black, Wooshii co-founder

Some of you may have spotted something different in the right-hand column of your profile pages this week.

Your skills list now displays various coloured bars. So what are they?


This is the first stage of our exciting new creative reputation system!

In a nutshell, the higher your reputation on Wooshii, the more these bars will increase. The bars are divided into three sections:

Your Overall Wooshii Reputation

The top bar in the right column lists your Wooshii username/URL. The more orange you see on this bar, the higher your overall reputation on Wooshii.

Core Skills

Underneath that are six smaller purpley-grey bars – we call these your ‘core skills’. They are Network, Activity, Creativity, Technical Ability, Timekeeping and Communication.

Network and Activity increase the more you use the Wooshii site – for instance the more people you follow (Network), and the more you pitch on projects (Activity), the more these bars will increase.

The other skills are based on feedback, either from people who have ‘approved’ your profile, or from buyers who you’ve completed work for.

Your Creative Skills

Below that is a list of the creative skills you have chosen. These bars will turn green as your reputation in each skill increases.

The main ways of gaining skill reputation are:

1, Uploading examples of your work and asking people to give you a ‘thumbs up’ for the skills you display in the video

2, Asking people to ‘approve’ your profile, and endorse your creative skills.

We’ll have much, much more information about all this in the coming weeks – right now the system is just in a kind of ‘beta’ launch phase.

So we’d love your comments and feedback!