Interactive Video Ads | How can brands use them?

Interactive ads have long been a goal for marketers.

The format provides consumers with the ability to engage with an advert in a creative and absorbing way. However, they have always been deemed complicated to create, expensive to produce and tricky to release…until now.

Facebook and Instagram have recently announced that the capability to support interactive rollover ads will soon feature on their sites.

This is a major step forward for social media advertising. Now, interested consumers will be able to decide on their involvement with the brand and become active participants with the ad.

interactive fb

Has it been tested?

One of the first brands to test the capabilities of the format was British tea/coffee brand, Taylors of Harrogate. Their ad involved a mobile-friendly ‘flavour finder’ that used sliders to find the consumer’s perfect coffee flavour. The ad then gave them the chance to either buy the flavour from Asda or Sainsbury’s, or to sign up to an email newsletter.

The results were positive. The new format resulted in a 35% engagement rate with 4,400 likes, more than 275 comments and over 400 shares, a huge increase on their usual Facebook metrics.

Click on the link below to have a look for yourself (NB it will only work on mobile devices).

Taylors of Harrogate

Potential Uses

  • Interactive quiz

    • Similar to Taylors of Harrogate, this could end up with a link to buy a tailored product/service.
  • Game

    • The prize could be discounts, or it could just be to raise brand awareness.
    • Domino’s Pizza, for example, recently released a game through their site where you had to catapult vegetables at flying pizzas in order to get discount codes.

Domino’s Pizza Game

  • Short film

    • You could let the consumer decide which path to take at the end of each chapter in order to create a ‘personalised’ short film.
    • This would be in line with a ‘hero’ ad, in that it would be designed to promote sharability and raise awareness for *|COMPANY|*.
  • Personalisation

    • Perhaps you could include the ability to include the names/pictures of the consumer’s friends to increase Facebook shares of the ad.
  • Hero campaign and targeted advertising

    • Use the rollover features to have a mixture of a hero campaign (for users scrolling through feeds) and more targeted advertising (when users show interest and engage with the ad).
    • This combines large scale ad campaigns and targeted advertising, so in theory moves leads/prospects through the sales funnel at a faster pace and without as much effort on their side.


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