Want to effortlessly and magically edit your videos? That’s what startup Magisto wants to do: edit your videos without any type of hassles, just as easy as pressing a button. How? Take a look:

So through proprietary technology, it will go over your unedited footage and select bits and pieces putting it all together into a… nicer video?

One could wonder, is this be good for online video? Yep, I think so: it sure is another step into bringing better quality videos to the internet, something Youtube has been very keen on.

Of course, this is not for everyone. Not for the more advanced video makers out there, for sure, even maybe not for beggining video makers who want to get their hands dirty and loose themselves editing their video.

It’s mostly for people who don’t want the “hassle” of editing, who don’t want to spend even 10 minutes cutting and pasting clips of video and sound, and if that will get more people using video and discovering the wonders of what a good edit can do, then why can’t it be a good thing?

But what do you think?

UPDATE: Well, Techcrunch is now reporting that Magisto will in fact be integrated into Youtube. It fits right into their strategy, like you discussed above, so makes perfect sense.