– Do you run a website or blog?
– Do you have a Twitter, Facebook or any kind of social networking account?
– Do you have a group of friends and contacts who you email regularly?

If your answer to any of those is “Yes”, then you are a ‘publisher’, even if you didn’t realise it!

As a publisher you can earn revenue by publishing or linking to Wooshii viral campaigns.

For instance – you might embed an interesting or relevant video clip into your blog, and get paid for people viewing it or clicking on it.

Or – you might send out a ‘tweet’ linking to a funny viral campaign, or share an amusing link with your Facebook friends. Again, you get paid for everyone who clicks through.

Once you’re part of the publishing network, you’ll be able to get you own unique embed/link codes for each viral campaign on Wooshii.

So if you spot a viral you think your visitors, friends or contacts might be interested in, you can share it with them and get paid for doing so!

And the beauty is, if they forward your unique link code around, you’ll get paid for anyone else who clicks it too.

There’s no obligation at all to publish anything unless you like it, so there’s nothing to lose by joining the network.

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