Like it is usual, here we go with some of the links about the online video business and creative inspiration that we liked and shared over the last week:


Google Pledges $200 Million to Market Premium YouTube Channels

Stars Give The Finger To Hollywood And Flock To YouTube

Bret Easton Ellis Is Using Kickstarter to Finance ‘The Canyons’ Indie

Smart Education: How Hit $70M In Revenue Without A Penny From Investors

7 Easy Steps to Showcase Your Software Business Using Video Production

Is AOL Looking To Go Head-to-Head With YouTube?


Every Shot 45 Seconds or Longer in “Children of Men”

To the Western World: Africans Challenge Hollywood’s Stereotypical Depiction of Africans

Watch The Hot Chip Intro From Last Night’s “Simpsons”


Video Ads x2

Some Live Action / A little talking heads / And some CGI

Hearing Aid Animation

Non Profit Video benefiting 9/11 Victims and their families

And there you go, some great links this week!

Till the next one 😉