Coming up with a brand new concept for a new video release can be challenging whether you are making your first clip or your thousandth. If you want to create a clip that isn’t simply a copy of your competitor’s content, try some new brainstorming techniques to get the ideas flowing in new and surprising ways. Experimenting with mind mapping could make your work feel more like play and provide you with dozens or even hundreds of concepts to base videos around. Mind mapping involves drawing a map consisting of many circles connected by lines. Each bubble contains a concept or idea and the lines show how they are connected. Write down a few concepts related to your business and watch as they branch into complex hierarchies of new video ideas.

Getting Started

Whilst there are many options for building these maps online or on your computer, the simplest method requires only a sheet of paper and a pen. Start by putting your product or company name in the centre of the page and then circle it. Think of four benefits, functions, or other concepts related to the centre point. Write each one a small distance from the centre, then circle it and link these bubbles with a line back to the centre. Pick one concept and start expanding upon it in the same way. For example, you could start with Widget A in the centre. Four features could include low cost, low maintenance, high wear resistance and cute packaging. Expanding on just the low maintenance concept could provide you with video ideas like cleaning tutorials and minor repair tips.

Organising Your Ideas

Once you have your video concepts completed, you will notice that the mapping technique keeps the ideas relatively organised by related category. However, you may want to further reorder the concepts before saving them for use. It may be best to collect the ideas by type of video, especially if you already know what format you want to use for executing them. Try grouping tutorials, product summaries and social engagement clips together. This will help you vary your releases so you aren’t dumping a dozen closely related videos on your viewers all at once. Drafting a year’s worth of video development and release is easy when you have dozens of new ideas all organised by type and concept.