When a company first discovers the wide world of video marketing, all of the options and challenges can become quite overwhelming. Many feel that they are already far behind the trends and can’t catch up. However, you could easily have a full library of clips drawing attention and sparking conversations with consumers in less than six months if you are serious about using this type of marketing. Try some of these four fun ways to come up with a well-rounded collection of informative and entertaining videos.

Spread it Out

If you come up with a great idea or format, you don’t have to use it for just one clip. A new product release could result in a Questions & Answers clip, a short teaser before the release and real consumer testimonials to create more interest. Expand concepts and ideas across multiple releases to fill out your channel or account without tapping all of your creative reserves.

Plan Your Releases

Major movie producers stick to a tight schedule when releasing their newest creations to the public. Take a page from their book and draw up plans for clips over the next six months or so. Holding yourself to a specific release schedule will ensure you reach your content goals each year and produce constant interest in your company throughout the year. Don’t forget to work in extra time for professional assistance in the creation of your video content.

Find What Your Audiences Want

The usefulness of the comments section can’t be overemphasised when you are building your video brand from the bottom up. Without feedback, it is much harder to guess what viewers want to see in the future. Requests from concerned or intrigued consumers could give you hundreds of helpful ideas to keep you going on with production for years. Don’t be afraid of the occasional negative message. You can either remove them or respond to demonstrate your professionalism and willingness to help dissatisfied customers.

Build a Creative Team

Even if you are the sole proprietor of a very small business, build yourself a team of helpful and creative people to bounce ideas off during brainstorming sessions. Big businesses should invest in the help of experienced consultants or an in-house team to keep the ideas coming. Leaving just one person in charge of all the ideas for a video library will only lead to repetition in the end.