Sure we have seen some big numbers on Online Video in the past, with both Cisco and Youtube predicting Video will be around 90 percent of the Internet in a few years time.

Now another company joins the choir, Forrester, releasing a new study that shows that ninety percent of the online population will regularly watch online video by 2017.

As big as those numbers are – which they are – they are not as far from the numbers we are seeing right now in late 2012. For example, in the US the latest comScore reports have indicated a number around 85% of Internet Users watching online video.

So yes, huge number, but not far off from where it is today. In the United States at least.

This is what the report said about Video:

Video is the fastest-growing digital content category; we forecast that more than 90% of the online population will regularly watch online video by 2017. Online video audience penetrations will rise significantly as video on demand, pay per view, and catchup TV become mainstream. And with pay-TV penetrations in the EU-7 nations considerably lower than in the US, there’s more scope for paid online video to grow.

And since the current penetration is lower in some european countries (UK was about 80% earlier this year), it is expected to see a bigger growth in Europe.

We could even be bolder and predict that by 2017 (that’s 5 years, a century in Internet years!) even more people will be watching online video regularly! Let’s push that 90% to 95-97?! 🙂