Video producers and editors are getting a new way to build interactive content whilst working with a small budget. FlixMaster is a new start-up that has developed a simple set of tools for adding options to any video. Anyone with basic editing skills can use the service to add branching options by organizing a variety of clips and linking them together. Viewers make choices to determine which clips are played. You can turn basic advertisements into adventures that everyone will want to explore.

FlixMaster offers a cloud-based service plan for any users that want to invest in an account, but they also recently created a new deal through a partnership with Sony Creative Software. Anyone that uses one of the Sony video editing programs can qualify for a discounted subscription with FlixMaster. These users will only pay $19.99 a month for up to 10 GB of storage. This deal has no limits on the number of projects you can create or the number of views allowed. Videos with interactivity will need to be hosted on the service for the branching features to function, but you can share it through any social media service or link to it from your website with an attractive thumbnail.

Linear videos can be fun to watch, but they aren’t as engaging as an interactive display that viewers can control. Adding the right options can make viewers more excited to watch your content. Other methods for creating this kind of content are difficult to learn and make it tricky to manage dozens of clips. FlixMaster allows you to drag and drop each section of the video and shows a visual representation of how the options link together. NBCUniversal used the service earlier this year to build an exciting prequel video adventure to promote the release of “Covert Affairs”.

Sony Creative Software chose FlixMaster for their interactive video partnership because they felt that the start-up was the easiest and most powerful option currently available. Companies can invest in an account to host all of their newest video projects. Content producers can also expand their offerings for clients by using the service to add interactivity as one of their skills. Anyone that wants to keep their videos fresh and exciting for viewers needs to look into the best way to making their visual content more engaging and compelling to visitors.