After many rumors about the new Final Cut Pro, it was finally annouced by Apple at the Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet.

Here are some of the highlights from a live blog from Photography Bay:

– Apple announced it as “Something as revolution as the first version of FCP when introduced in 1999”
– 2 million Final Cut Pro users
– 94% user satisfaction
– FCP X was “rebuilt from ground up”
– 64-bit
– “Fully color-managed Final Cut based on colorsync”
– “Resolution-independent playback system up to 4K formats”
– Grand Central Dispath
– “Background rendering built into application”
– “Media is ready for editing even before ingest is completed”
– People detection
– Shot detection
– “Automatic audio clean up on the way”
– Range-based keywording
– Smart collections
– Clip connections
– Magnetic timeline
– Compound clips
– Inline precision editor
– Auditioning

The reaction to the demos seems to have been pretty good, I’m sure many people is looking forward to get their hands on the software.

It will be available in June for $299.