With the large selection of video editing software out there for less than $100 a title on average, you don’t have to rely on free software and Youtube Editor anymore. Before you sell out cash for a program to help you maximize your content quality while saving time, check out the three titles below.

VideoPad Master’s Edition 3.02 

VideoPad is a decent software editing program for those who are new to non-linear editing and need a more user-friendly interface. While the software does feature mainstay editing tools, such as cropping and audio additions, some of the more complex tools found in similarly-priced software are absent. 

If you need software for simple projects with social media shareability and don’t want to invest time in learning the ins and outs of editing software, VideoPad does do the trick. You can export and import most common video file formats and share completed projects to Facebook, Flickr and Youtube from within the software itself. 

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus 

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus allows you to upload 99 clips, video and audio, at one time. If you’re working on larger projects with multiple clips, the high insertion cap is helpful. The software can handle 3D files as well as Blu-ray and a myriad of other video formats. The tool library features over 1,000 things you can add to your content, including audio and effects. A particular strong point is MAGIX’s strong adjustment and color correction tools. 

The largest drawback to MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 is the lack of available templates when you first install the program. You’ll have to download most of the extras from the developer’s official website, which can be time-consuming and difficult, depending on your computer and Internet speeds. User-friendliness is medium and novice users may struggle in the beginning.

Pinnacle Studio 16 

Pinnacle Studio 16 features more than 1,500 transitions and other effects for your content. This editor requires a time investment for those not familiar with video software. There are additional charges for some of the added features and the tech support provided by email for free isn’t known to be quick in responding. 

With all its available tools, Pinnacle Studio 16 is a good option for those with experience using video editing software but not for users still on a learning curve. Overlapping clips is sometimes difficult because of the track insertion design.