The Significance of Views

So the Wooshii system is going live and one of the things you may notice is the views number underneath your profile picture. Why is it there and why are views significant?

Views are essentially the currency of Wooshii. Virals are all about views in essence. Although different markets and demographics will have different likely success rates we feel views gives a good overriding picture of any creatives ability to create winning virals.

Creatives – build your profile

The more views have as a creative the hotter a property you are and therefore the more likely you are to win pitches, so how do you gain views. Well it’s pretty simple we record views of virals and profiles so any viral you upload to Wooshii, whether it is for a specific project or not, will gain you views.

So it is possible to build an amazing view count without ever winning a project.

In order to reward great ideas you will also gain views for viral idea projects you have won. Lets say you have won an idea project and that idea goes on to become a produced viral. Even if you do not produce the viral you will gain views at the same rate as the producer. So don’t hang around. Upload virals, gain views, win projects, create great adverts and earn.


For buyers of viral adverts it’s easy. Use views as a gauge. The more views a user has the more successful their track record is in creating winning virals. Simple huh?