Digital budget experiments

$20k Surplus Budget - Room for Digital Budget Experiments?

Get creative with those end of year budgets.

It’s that time of the quarter and time of year to wrap up your budget spending. You could be allocating funds to the new and experimental.

For many, those budgets are attributed to more of the same.

I gathered some media owner, media agency and client-side digital friends and asked ‘if I gave you an additional $20k to allocate before the end of the year, where would you spend it?’  This is what they suggested + some links to people who explain it better than then media owners do.

Of course my suggestion is always going to be to dip your toe in video production.  Start with an asset to use for remarketing via YouTube Trueview or to increase on-site conversions. As soon as you overcome the production obstacle, you accelerate in enhancing customer experience, programmatic buying and building the brand with the exactly right audience.

It’s also end of year and pre-holidays so unless it’s the busiest time of the year for you (hello retail friends) it’s a good time to get creative