2012 was a big year for online video marketing, with millions of new viewers tuning in to their favourite content at least once a day. Many Internet users added video viewing as part of a daily routine for the first time this year. This made a noticeable impact in the viewing numbers for many viral video hits. While musicians and comedians saw their viral hits topping the charts on Youtube, many large corporations also garnered plenty of attention for their advertising campaigns. Here are the five companies that saw the greatest increase in total views during 2012.

1. Samsung

When 2011 came to an end, the electronics manufacturer had only 52 million total views on its published content. In a single year, this multinational corporation managed to reach a whopping 280 million views. Over 200 million views poured in during the year as the company released 26 carefully designed video campaigns.

2. Red Bull

The energy drink producer invested in a scientific challenge to draw over 192 million new views in 2012 alone. The “Stratos” campaign involved an experienced skydiver jumping from the stratosphere with minimal protection. Many viewers had never even heard of the brand before watching the historical live video stream.

3. Google

Google may still be best known as the world’s largest search engine, but they are quickly dominating the world of video marketing as well. Part of the company’s success in 2012 comes from their acquisition of Youtube. They released a grand total of 40 individual campaigns during the year, which garnered an increase of 136 million views. It’s most popular campaign also hinted at the world of tomorrow, much like the “Stratos” project from Red Bull, by featuring augmented reality glasses that are currently in development.

4. Nike

Nike’s success in producing popular video content has carried over from previous years. 18 campaigns netted the company 61 million new views. Over half of these views came from just the “Summer of Football” campaign. Each campaign also saw a rise in the average amount of viewers, indicating a complete increase in interest surrounding the brand and the content it is producing.

5. M&M’s

Mars Brands’ chocolate candy campaigns may have only come in fifth place, but they still beat out hundreds of other major companies by scoring nearly 50 million views this year. Nearly every view came from its popular Super Bowl campaign, “Just My Shell”.