Beyond the Brand Lab – making it real

I am a very fresh ex-Googler, still experiencing a sense of inertia at not getting 150 emails day and still forgetting to eat breakfast before I leave home.

I was at Google nearly 8 years and spent the last few rolling out Brand Labs (among other things) for a whole bunch of clients. They can be quite exhausting events, being magic for entire days. There is a huge appetite to tell TV-ad-like stories for the first time, to create better content (how are businesses selling $10K holidays with 5 photographs and a map?) develop YouTube channel content and use video for remarketing in clever and personalised ways. Everyone comes out buzzing and full of big ideas.

A huge obstacle for me and my pals was production.

It’s video but it’s not a million dollar ad. Suddenly we have digital guys, online marketeers, even PPC bods, definitely MDs with the job of producing video for the first time OR needing lots of it – and certainly not doing it with million $ budgets. So the great Brand Lab aspirational ideas fall further down the to-do list.

As a Googler, my colleague Anna and I put on events like Meet the Producers where we invited innovative, unconventional production outfits to pitch to our clients where they answered questions around what their process was, how long it would take, how much it would cost. We heard from crowd-sourcers such as Mofilm, stock-imagery companies such as Getty Images, YouTube channel content producers. We also heard from Wooshii, which is a marketplace, like Airbnb, but for video production. It has 11K video-makers, as well as the benefit of setting your own budget.

The reaction to and popularity of Wooshii’s proposition – and the number of clients who went on to use them – was so stunning I thought …hmm there is something in this. And I joined them. Anna did too.

Rentalcars were one of those clients doing this stuff for the first time. Here is what they made happen.

So whilst we are a fashionable, scalable self-service marketplace, we do have humans. You know where to find me if you want to talk about making stuff happen.