Now that you can browse through the profiles of the other Wooshii members, we have also added another new piece of functionality – the ability to become a fan of anyone whose profile particularly catches your eye.

But what does it mean to ‘become a fan’? In these early stages of the site, not much! It’s just a way of connecting with people who you think are interesting.

However in the longer term, as the rest of the site becomes live, building up your own fan list will eventually become a very important part of the site.

Talented creatives will build up a fan base of people who love their work; these people will be keen to be the first to know whenever their favourite creatives launch a new viral. This gives popular creatives a great distribution list that they can use to seed virals – and earn money for doing so.

Similarly for brands, building up a fan base will enable any new campaigns to be seeded in a very cost-effective way. Imagine you’re a brand and you’ve built up 100,000 fans who can’t wait to see your next campaign – you’ll have a fantastic way to kick-start any future virals.

And if you’re a publisher, growing a large fan list will put you in pole position to help brands and creatives to spread their messages – and in the process you’ll earn a slice of their seeding budgets.

But how do you go about building your fan base? Well, we’ve got loads of new functionality coming soon that will help you do this.

Until then, perhaps the best way is for you to become of a fan of other people in our community. Hopefully they will then check out your profile and like it enough to reciprocate.

Please have a try of the system and let us know if you spot any bugs or have any questions about how it all works.