In the world of Internet video, the short attention span of the average viewer has most larger producers pushing to release new content at an insane pace. For many people, this focus on nothing but the initial interest in a video is causing a lot of wasted time and energy. Data dissected from some of Youtube’s biggest hits show that viral videos can continue to gain large numbers in the weeks and months following their release. Failing to keep promoting your older content will only cost you attention in the long run.

Go for the Long Tail

When a video continues to bring in hundreds or thousands of hits as time passes, it’s considered a long tail hit. Some of the web’s biggest hits have gained 80% or more of their total views long after the initial release date. If a clip garners 50,000 views in the first three days, it may gain another 500,000 over the next six months if it is properly handled and promoted in that time. ReelSEO reports that a long tail hit can have a far greater impact on your business than a dozen clips that only have a short burst of interest.

New Ways to Renew Interest

If you have built a sizable library of content but are disappointed in the sheer number of views you have received, consider bringing out your older clips for new rounds in the social media. Good techniques for renewing interest in a video include:

– Featuring the clip in a Facebook page.
– Linking to the video from your Twitter stream.
– Remixing older pieces into new playlists and groups with your newest releases.
– Putting all of your existing content onto Pinterest.
– Creating video responses to answer questions created by the original video and then linking them together.
– Writing a blog post updating or reinforcing the message in the clip and then linking to it.

Getting new views on content that is simply sitting idle will usually take less effort than promotions for a brand new clip. Dedicated viewers can send traffic trickling in for years if they remember to come back to your library every so often. Keep moving old content out in front of new fans so everyone can get a full appreciation for your video creation skills. A quick post on Facebook can have surprising effects.