6 Second YouTube Ads in the wild

Microsoft Xbox first used long form content on YouTube to build excitement for its “Halo Wars 2” video game, one of its most popular video game brands. It then followed up the promotion with re-targetted,  six-second bumper ad format to continue the story and tease the audience.


Estée Lauder Companies’ La Mer produced a series of bumper ads, each one showcasing a new product in its new Skincolor de la Mer makeup suite. The bumper ads serve to make audiences aware of each product, while also showcasing them at the end as a whole collection. This implied to everyone who saw the campaign that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts:


SurveyMonkey focused on producing bumper ads that quickly showcased its tool in use, followed with calls to action. The short ads were simple yet effective in displaying the primary functions and ease of use of SurveyMonkey’s tool.

We are not too sure we rate any of these BUT convinced a good Hero campaign and retargeted 6 second bumper campaign would work well. Storytelling in 6 seconds is certainly possible, (look at the success many creators had with vine) so we picked out one nice example from Google.

We’ll be following this with a post soon on how to tell short stories