IAB - Video Glossary

IAB's Video Advertising Glossary

Video is moving fast..Real fast and so are the terminology used to describe the way video can be used and leveraged. You would not be the first person to perhaps have been lost at meeting where people talked about addressability, cross screen measurement and cost per point.

Thankfully you can now turn to a great resource created by the IAB to save you from your ignorance. In their words;

The video marketplace is evolving rapidly, and as the industry grows so too does its vocabulary. Over the past six months IAB has led a working group of 54 members with the mission of compiling a comprehensive glossary of video terms currently used throughout the video marketplace. The glossary that you see here is the result of the tremendous effort put forth by these IAB member companies and their representatives.

More than 200 terms were identified for definition in September 2015. Since then, members have collectively refined that list of terms and submitted definitions for peer review and comment. The final list represents a truly collaborative effort that was made possible by a unified desire for clarity and consistency in video terminology by buyers and sellers alike.

See the Full Glossary Here –  http://dvglossary.www2.iab.com/