The Significant Seven Video Platforms of 2017

If you’re a fan of the Magnificent Seven you’ll have an idea how this blog post is going to go. The hero goes away and rounds up a band of the seven biggest and badest gunslingers (or Samurai for those who prefer the original) they can find. After Vidcon 2017 Greg Jarboe came back with his seven best video platforms.

1. YouTube

Yes, there’s competition, but this is still the leader of the pack – it’s the Yul Brynner, the veteran gunslinger who is still the best of the best.

More than 1.5bn people watch YouTube every month and they are now watching for at least an hour. However, they are now making it much easier to share videos with friends, have a new look to the desktop site, are making VR more accessible and affordable, is expanding its market and has a new slate for YouTube Red Originals.


2. Facebook – the veteran gunslinger

If YouTube is the boss then Facebook is second in command. Think of it like Steve McQueen. Vidcon saw the launch of a new app for Facebook creators and after the show Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook community now stood at 2bn.

3. Instagram – the expert tracker

Vidcon included a fireside chat with Kevin Systrom, the CEO and co-founder of Instagram who talked about mastering an Instagram strategy. Back in April this year they announced that their community had hit the 700 million mark. Many of these are still sharing photos, but the numbers working with video is increasing. 4. Twitter – the

4. Twitter – the traumatised veteran

Jarboe felt Twitter was notable by its absence. Despite having a community stage, he couldn’t remember seeing anyone speak from the company. They are the Robert Vaughan of the seven – the old soldier whose nerves are shot to pieces. He’s still capable of some dramatic feats, but he’s not quite himself at the moment.

5. is Stealing the Show

There’s always young upstart. In just three years it has become the world’s fastest growing music platform with more than 200 million users. The event included some of their most popular personalities who talked about the site.


6. Verizon the likable one

There’s always someone who may not be the best fighter, but everyone likes. This is the role Verizon plays and they’re being surprisingly punchy. Executive Marni Walden was at the show. She talked about how they are growing their digital media presence including Awesomeness TV, Oath, Fios, Complex and go90.

7. Twitch – The Young Untested Warrior

Last, comes Twitch which played a relatively small role in the event. It’s like the untested warrior – young and inexperienced.

In conclusion, he argues the sector is segmented rather than fragmented. Each platform has its own personality and attributes. The one big name missing was SnapChat, (we’ll be covering this in a future post) but to include them would have ruined the whole Magnificent Seven Analogy of the Blog.