It’s official – Youtube is taking on Vine and Instagram with its own mobile video app, MixBit. The team behind Youtube just released MixBit for Apple’s iPad and iPhone, with an Android version scheduled to be up and running sometime in September. Before you dive in on what’s looking to be the next big trend, here’s what you need to know.

What is MixBit?

With MixBit, users can record and publish video clips from their mobile devices. Each clip may be as long as 16 seconds, one second longer than Instagram’s limit and 10 seconds longer than Vine’s current duration cap.

Once you’ve got your clips, you can use MixBit’s in-app editing tools to combine the clips you want to keep together into one video. The video can be as long as one hour and may contain up to 256 individual clips. You have the option of saving your video to your device or putting it on MixBit’s website once you’re done.

A New Twist on Social Video

The most unique feature of MixBit is the ability to borrow clips published by other MixBit users and add them to your video during the editing stage. Users don’t have to create all their own clips and can use the work of other people to add to their videos. MixBit’s editing interface shows all the stored clips as individual pieces, with users clicking and dragging clips into the desired playback order for the final video.

What MixBit May Mean for You

It’s too early to tell exactly what impact MixBit will have on social video marketing, but given the media chatter around the launch and the rise of mobile video in general, it’s likely MixBit will be a viable platform for a campaign. The short clip and stitch interface is ideal for marketing campaigns that involve step tutorials, corporate culture showcases and even video responses to customer questions and feedback.

The ability to use other users’ clips with MixBit is both a drawback and a benefit, so choose your clips wisely. For example, you may not want specific product tutorial steps used by others in their videos. If you borrow a clip from a video that is personal in nature to a user, such as a photo from a family vacation, you may receive negative feedback from your customers. Borrowing clips will save you time and cash, but evaluate the clip and its source before you take it.