Square Videos vs Landscape Videos

Square video takes up 78% more space in a person’s mobile news feed than landscape video does. 1:1 video also outperforms 16:9 videos by a staggering 30-35% - Here's why...

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Bumper ads – it’s not short, it’s fun sized!

Many large brands are using Bumpers ads to drive top of the funnel goals like ad recall and awareness. Could bumper ads breathe new life into your business marketing strategy?

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Unleash the Power of Video Email

Using video in your email marketing makes so much sense that you may be tapping your forehead right now, wondering how you haven’t thought about it before!

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The Significant Seven Video Platforms of 2017

Which are the largest players in the video space that you should be paying attention to.

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6 Second YouTube Ads in the wild

6 Seconds. Enough time to talk to your audience. Some examples on the YouTube network.

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IAB - Video Glossary

IAB’s Video Advertising Glossary

Video is moving fast..Real fast. The IAB have launched a new glossary to help you with all the terminology.

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Robert Kyncl - YouTube

Digital Video Will Win the Decade

Robert Kyncl, the Chief Business Officer at YouTube, gave a keynote speech at CES 2016 this year that is full of gems of insight into the future of media, video and marketing.

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Video Micro-Moments

Micro-moments is a term coined by Google and it refers to those times when people are looking for answers, discovering new things, or making decisions. Learn more about how Micro-moments can shape your business

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