Are you creating fresh, exciting and creative projects, either on the Wooshii platform or in your spare time? Then we want to hear from you and showcase your work to the world!

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Generate hundreds of videos in a snap!

Have you heard about YouTube's new targeting tools? How about the new hot stuff in the creative offerings world, Director Mix? Well, maybe it's time you did!

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Oddly satisfying videos – Make it work for your business

There's something mesmerizing about watching things transition from one state to another. This provides a very satisfying feeling. KFC or IKEA are already surfing on the "oddly satisfying" video trend. Make it work for you!

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Promote your App with video marketing

A video is the best way to get the word out about your app

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Let’s get serious about vertical video ads!

Because we have your best interest at heart, in this post we'll give you few hints on how to optimize your social video for mobile.

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12 things you totally shouldn’t do in a Corporate Video

Read our posts on “About us” videos? Need a bit more convincing before producing your own corporate video? You're in luck, here's the sequel!

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IAB - Video Glossary

IAB’s Video Advertising Glossary

Video is moving fast..Real fast. The IAB have launched a new glossary to help you with all the terminology.

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Robert Kyncl - YouTube

Digital Video Will Win the Decade

Robert Kyncl, the Chief Business Officer at YouTube, gave a keynote speech at CES 2016 this year that is full of gems of insight into the future of media, video and marketing.

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