Virtual Reality | Is it Worth the Fuss?

Virtual Reality...Augmented Reality...Who doesn’t feel a tingling sense of anticipation when thinking about its possibilities? But should brands adopt it into their marketing strategies?

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Internet Trends 2016 | Freelancing

Freelancing, On-Demand Talent, Gig Economy, Platforms… Is this the end of work as we know it? Find out what internet guru Mary Meeker has to say, and how Wooshii plays a role in connecting freelancers with businesses.

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Brand Guidelines for Successful Video Content

Just as you have brand guidelines for print and online communications, your video marketing strategy should be no different. What do you need to consider?

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Giving the Silent Treatment

85% of native Facebook videos are played with the audio turned off. Is your brand using silence to your advantage in order to maximise viewership and engagement?

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New Product Videos | Creating a Story

Have you got a new product you're looking to promote? Check out our top 10 things to consider when creating new product videos.

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Top Five 5-Second Hooks

The first 5 seconds of your video is critical. It’s the hook that keeps people watching. Here are some of our favourite 5-second hooks for YouTube ads.

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Politics and the Role of Video

How has the medium of video affected politicians, and what are the similarities between politics and today's successful marketing strategies?

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Interactive Video Ads

Now that Facebook and Instagram can support the format, how should brands consider interactive video ads on social media?

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Live 360 Video | What does it mean for brands?

What does YouTube's latest introduction of live 360 video streaming capabilities mean for brands? Is it yet more proof of a mainstream move towards VR?

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