and Digiday have brought us another great report on state of online video, based on the questioning of 638 agencies, brands, publishers, ad networks and DSPs.

And although many times businesses are blinded by conversion rates (and online video does deliver on that area), online video can be much more than that and be helpful in many objectives a business wants to accomplish.

So we were glad to see a such high percentage of marketers stating Brand Engagement as the top goal for their video campaigns.

We’ll show you an infographic in a moment, but first let’s see some of the other results coming from this study:

– 23% of those questioned expect an increase in video ad spend in 2012;

– 49% expect an alignment of online video and TV;

– 62% see online video as a direct complement to TV;

– 73% see “brand engagement” as the primary video campaign objective, compared to 68% in 2011 and 18% in 2010;

– brand lift is thus seen as the video metric that delivers the highest success (54% answered it);

See the infographic here (but you’ll have to click on it to see it bigger):

Find the full document with the results right here.