Wow. 72 hours every minute. That is A LOT of video indeed!

And particularly impressive since it hit the 60 hours milestone just a few months ago, and 48 hours a mere year ago.

“Every single minute you now upload three whole days worth of video.”

This was announced as Youtube turned 7 years old, and the stats on the video they made really show the growth from its inception. Take a look:

The video giant has other reasons to be happy too. As PaidContent analyzed from the latest comScore report, the number of minutes spent watching Youtube grew 55% over April of 2011, to an average of 434.8 minutes.

Ad serving also continues to grow with the recent launch Google Adwords for Video (and April was record-breaking in terms of number of video ads watched), so Youtube shows no signs of slowing down.

It won’t be long until it breaks the 100 Hour mark in uploads per minute too, when do you think that will be?