We’re starting a regular feature here where we’ll shine the spotlight on one of our creatives and get to know him a little better. Our first one is Nath Milburn (http://wooshii.com/nath). Nath has done work mainly on animation and is currently getting adegree for Broadcast Design & Motion Media at Savannah College of Art & Design.

Nath was one of our early users and many of you will know his stuff but just to give you a full encite check ou the interview below.

How did you get started with creative things? Well of course I’ve been drawing ever since, I used to draw trace pokemon and draw fat people during church as a little boy, but around middle school I found an animator named Dan Paladin which got me into animation which led into just doing digital illustration and all that shit. I started out making animated gifs with MS Paint before I found Adobe Flash back when it was Macromedia.

What’s the video you created that you’re most proud of? Shit I dunno, I like them all pretty much the same, cause I could definitely have pushed each one further. Let’s brighten dark situations definitely came out the best, but I always seem to love my latest ones the most, so that’d be the one I did for you guys!

What video do you wish you had made? Dunno, haven’t made it yet! I guess anything by Maxim Zhestkov, the guys work is insane.Onedreamrush / Zhestkov.comfrom Maxim Zhestkov on Vimeo.

What’s your creative process? I would just chill, think and draw up different ideas, I always have a few pop in my head immediately. I would then storyboard it, do some test sketches, maybe some style frames, then do an animatic (if it’s an animation of course) then go from there. Pretty much like anyone else, I don’t do anything special or interesting that leads up to finishing my work.

What is your dream project? I don’t know, help creating a cartoon series on the tv would be nice, but I’ve never been big into full animation, so I’d have others co-create it, but I don’t really have any “big” ideas waiting to come out.

What’s your favourite software for your work? Adobe Flash and After Effects are my two favorites by far. I just love the layouts of each and how they function. They do what I need.

Which software doesn’t exist, but you wish it did? Controlling your hands wirelessly and being able to paint or control a screen to make art would be sweet. I’m sure they have something similar but nothing like how I want.

Tips for making good pitches (and winning them)? Have good ideas ha, but I’m sort of the worst at this. You should tell them the audience you’re going after, the style you’re using, the medium and means of bringing it, a styleframe would definitely be nice for them to see and how fast you can make it. You should describe your idea as best as you can, try not to keep it vague or make them fill in blanks, that’s what they are paying you for.

Tips for getting views? Make cool shit

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Living on my own.

Alright, that’s it. We’d like to thank Nath for taking the time to answer this and for creating great stuff. You can also check out Nath’s profile here http://wooshii.com/nathor his personal website at www.heynath.com