Starting this week, we are resuming our weekly interviews with Wooshii creatives (see a few here and here for example). And we’re starting with community member David Gonzales -lots of insights and tips, so let’s jump right into it:

How did you get started with creative things? What has been your path right up to this moment?

I had always wanted to illustrate comic books; as far back as I can remember. And I would always create these characters for future stories, and think wouldn’t it be great to have my own characters in cartoons and movies! Through most of elementary up until high school I had that dream. My brother and I would create stories, he would write them and I would illustrate them. Then he started getting into filmmaking, with documentaries and his own short fictional films. I was really fascinated by the graphics side of special effects and title sequences. So after one too many rejections at Comic Con in San Diego CA, I decided to pursue Multimedia graphics. Really I’m glad I did because while I like illustrating, I think it would have killed my enjoyment of comics if I had made it my full time career. From there I started looking for online resources of jobs associated with motion graphics, and found myself in this niche for explainer videos which I really enjoy creating.

How does it feel to be a creative working on online video nowadays? Pros and cons?

It feels great to be working in online video with immediate feedback from viewers, and the opportunity to reach such a large audience. For me the Pros right now are that I can set my own hours, and for that’s great since I don’t always have that creative spark from 9am-5pm, it can sometimes come late at night. And then I can take a couple of days off when I need to just live life. The cons are of course the flip side of creating your own hours since I’ll sometimes have very tight deadlines and it seems like I get no sleep.

You’ve won a few projects at Wooshii. What are some good tips for winning pitches?

For me just creating a style that appeals to people has worked to get more projects. There is so much potential with these animated videos, but if you find a style that is really your own it’s like a signature and potential clients will want to bring that same style to their projects. Clients like to see that you’ve done work that is very close to what they have in mind. So I would suggest just making sure you have quality pieces in your portfolio and try a few different styles. Good work in your portfolio is what will win you more jobs, not lower prices!

What is the favourite video (Wooshii or not) you’ve made so far?

I would have to say the babysitting video. I think that style really suits me, and I’ve had a lot of positive responses from that video which has helped win bids both from wooshii and outside of wooshii.

And what is your favourite video on the whole web?

Wow how do you pick from so much content? I really like the animated short stories produced by StoryCorps. They take testimonial videos and create animated characters that act out the interview. It has some really great character work and just show so much emotion that pairs perfectly with the candid interviews.

Favourite software (or hardware) to work with? 

My favorite software is definitely after effects. It’s just so versatile, and I never even imagined I would be able to create some of the animation I’m doing now back when I just started learning the program like 7 years ago.

And which software or hardware (or both) doesn’t exist, but you wish it would?

Well lately I’ve been working a lot with anime studio, and it has some amazing features for character animation, but it lacks the effects capabilities of after effects. They’re definitely different programs suited for different tasks, but if they could somehow combine those two programs it would be a whole different beast and just bring my animation to another level.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on a follow up video for BabysittingBarter and some other some product videos for a tech company in the San Francisco Bay area. Really right now I’m up to my eyeballs in projects but it’s great.

Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would love to grow my businesses into a full production company that works with video and animation. And then be able to finance my own fictional short stories.

And that’s it, awesome stuff, thanks David!

We will have a new interview with another Wooshii creative next week, so stay tuned 😉