It’s that time of the year to dress up as scary as you can be. For some of us, it’s our in-laws, but for others it’s everything from ghosts to murderers!

Halloween is here and the rising popularity of it had around half of British shoppers spend money celebrating it last year and according to VidIQ, a YouTube certified service for Keywords, the most searched halloween keywords include DIY’s, costumes and videos. 

In fact, the 10th most searched word for Halloween on YouTube is “Halloween Videos[ a YT link as well]” with over 7M views on videos related to Halloween. Social platforms have become the place where people find the perfect balance of visual forms of inspiration for the second scariest day of the year. Valentine’s day being the first (just kidding). 

But don’t you love watching video ads anyway? Despite having little love for TV ads, the most fun thing to do is watch ads with your siblings, parents or even just friends to talk about how brilliant or relatable these ads are.

Don’t you lick your teeth when you see an Oral-B ad anyway? Now you are too!

So in the name of Halloween, we’ve found 5 of the funniest videos that we would like to share with you. 

1. Dirt Devil: The Exorcist

The advert from Dirt Devil is frighteningly brilliant. It invites the viewer to be at point of no return and is designed to make us face one of the scariest things in horror: Exorcism.
Despite starting off in horror, the ad becomes laughable as we find that the vacuum cleaner is so strong that it can almost slurp a person up… through bricks. 

Of course, the name of the company “Dirt Devil” helps during times like Halloween and finishing the ad off with “You’ll know when it’s the Devil” is nothing but a pun intended. 

2. M&M: Cannibal

We love a good story between the infamous cynical Red and the gullible Yellow.

They are always witty, interesting and quick animations. Their 2016 Halloween Costume ad was translated into several languages because it was such an easy and straight to the point ad. Red going to dress up as a Cannibal by eating a yellow M&M is not only funny, but makes you want to hit the local store to get a yellow M&M’s bag too.

3. Burger King: #ScaryClownNight

Don’t you love a good rivalry story? Especially between the King and the Clown.
Not only is Burger King calling out McDonalds, but they also remind one that you can “Come as a Clown” and still “eat like a King”.
Furthermore, the ad is relatable for many who live in the name of “Hangry” and usually become quite a clown they are craving something as tasty as a Whopper. 

4. Geico: A Witch for a Third Roommate

If you live in a city or an expensive town where rent can be expensive, you would know what it can be like to find another roommate. Geico Insurance did a few Halloween adverts for 2019 but this one is by far the funniest with a twist of truth. When we go through ads to find people to live with, we learn that compromising is key. In this case, someone who likes cats in exchange for two girls who want help with the cooking. Excellent exchange.

5. Reese’s: Halloween

When a message in an ad is short, sharp and relatable – you’ve won more than just views. In fact, someone is probably already on their way to get more Reese’s pieces because they can relate to not wanting to be disturbed on a regular evening. What’s more scary for people who care about Halloween than someone who actually… doesn’t?
They are definitely not sorry.

Have other Halloween video ads to share?