The most recent comScore report with online video viewing numbers (for the US only) was out this week and, as per usual, it brought some very interesting numbers.

Here’s the rundown of the latest stats:

  • U.S. Internet users watched 39 billion online content videos in September (up from the 37.7 billion in August);
  • The total number of unique viewers was 181.5 million;
  • This represents 85 percent of U.S. Internet users;
  • The average length of these videos was about 6.4 minutes;
  • There were 9.5 billion video ads watched;
  • Video ads accounted for 20.1 percent of all videos viewed.
  • Video ads also accounted for 1.4 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online;
  • As usual, Google Sites (with Youtube mainly) tops the most overall views.
  • Not just overal views though: Google also tops most video ad views – in what is now fast becoming the norm and where Hulu was once undisputed king (to be fair, they do still win on highest frequency of video ads with an average of 51 – Google Sites delivered an average of 19 ads per viewer).

Once again keep in mind that this is just for one month and one country. If we were to take into account all the countries around the world, then the numbers would even be higher and blow our mind!

As to the US and this report, another big month for online video in one of the top markets for video these days.

For more on the report, check the comScore page.