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Video on the Brain

Video has dominated the web, so much so that it has become integral to everyday life. The cultural influence video has had across generations is undeniable and so it’s understandable that 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video (Siteefy). The versatility of video highlights how creativity and innovation are developing in the technological age but it’s important to go beyond how video is affecting the social world and look more intrinsically.

Why do our brains love video?

Put your brain to the test…what catches your attention more?

Static or Video?

Watching video is a multisensory experience, so when we are watching a video we are being interactive and creating cognitive connections with sound, visual imagery, and text. By tapping into several senses, video not only has the ability to create an emotional memory but can also provide a more in-depth understanding of a subject matter.

Beyond igniting our senses, video has the capacity to increase knowledge retention, Scientists say our brains process visuals almost 60,000 times faster than text (Thermopylae Sciences & Technology). Understanding is made easier so the rise in educational and company explainer videos makes sense, especially when needing to communicate information in a fast and compact way. Video engages and turns a target audience into potential customers.

Is video content the lazier option? The human brain is fundamentally designed to decode visual data so…Yes.

Ironically while it may be more effort to produce, watching a video compared to reading requires less active brainpower. Yet, it is seemingly more effective because our brain is organised to prioritise movement, and so processing information from a video is simply easier. That is why 80% of individuals can recall a video ad they’ve seen in the past 30 days (Online Publisher Association).

Striking a nerve…literally with video marketing

Storytelling being a success in video is not breaking news, but what does storytelling in video do to the brain?

Even when just listening to a story, our brainwaves start to synchronise with those of the storyteller. Ads in which content is structured as a narrative stimulate alpha brainwaves, meaning that viewers experience physical and mental relaxation when embracing the emotional impact of a crafted story (Cambridge Wireless).

We connect with storytelling in video so well because visual memory is encoded in our brain’s medial temporal lobe, the same place where emotions are processed ( Meaning it’s natural for audiences watching an emotive video to have a visceral reaction. With the right video marketing strategy, audience engagement across social media and company websites can skyrocket. The wonders of video, how it connects, stimulates and informs us, is why 64% of people are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it on a marketing platform such as Facebook or Youtube (SocialMediaToday).

The world of video marketing has lobes of potential.

Taking care of our brains in a world of video

Remember to take care of your brain

The world of video is wonderful, it transforms the way we understand life, connects us and allows the average viewer to experience the impossible. However, like with all good things—it’s important to be mindful and responsible with how much we share and consume; especially with our ever-present mobile devices.

Going overboard on screen-time is not encouraged, but the asynchronous nature of video means audiences can save and view content in their own time, in a context they expect. Video also has the modality to condense and share a lot of information quickly across various platforms. So, quality videos can actually optimise the time spent online.

The brain takes care of our entire body and is a muscle, so exercising it is important. The benefits of video are undeniable but using mixed media such as text, and even audio notes is a great way of supporting video and giving people the opportunity to dive a little deeper.

Lastly, the content we take in taps into powerful states of consciousness and has the capability of changing a state of mind. So, working with video production experts who can evoke meaning, humour, creativity and/or learning into the material is a great way of utilising the magic of video.

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