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The Secret To Award Winning Animated Video Production

Wooshii CEO Fergus Dyer-Smith explains all the benefits of animated video production, and how it’s the best format to communicate complex concepts simply and effectively.

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In this article I’m going to run through a number of ways animated video production can be used to communicate, and why it makes for such a great tool in any marketer or communication professional’s toolkit. There are some great examples and at the end I’ll give you one very special trick that we’ve used to create award winning animations that really deliver a powerful message.

So let’s dive into animation.

First off, animation or its close cousin motion graphics, are powerful tools. The thing about animation is that it allows you to go anywhere, and when I say anywhere, I mean anywhere in terms of time or space. You can go into any industry, into any role, show the past, the present, or even the future. And with animation, the universe literally is your oyster.

As a consequence, it’s a great tool to relay complex messages, talk through more conceptual ideas, or to deliver and present data in a more digestible format. Take this video here that we made for IQVIA.


By shifting the data into animation, we are able to turn a somewhat stale set of stats and facts into a more dynamic and engaging form.

Data can be difficult to digest, and it’s been proven that humans recall data poorly. Animated video allows you to bring data into a more visual environment and increases the likelihood of your message sticking well past the moment of viewing.

Of course, in some cases you need more of a narrative or a story. Animation provides you with great opportunity to carefully construct that story and script. You can continually hone and adapt your script until you have exactly the right message, distilled down into its essential parts before going into production. And once you are happy with that script, we hand it off to a professional voiceover artist and animation team to bring it to life.

Of course, a voiceover is not always required or indeed desired. For example, if you’re planning to mainly distribute your content through certain social channels, being able to relay your message with no sound or dialogue can be a huge advantage. Take this video we made for Rightmove.


As you can see, the animation beautifully takes the viewer through the story, but without the need for any voiceover to explain what the key messages are.

Which leads me to my last tip, and this one I really love.

It’s a route through which you can create great and engaging and indeed moving animations that really capture your audience’s attention. The trick here is to capture the story through the actual words of the storyteller. So what do I mean by that? Well, take this example of a video that we created for Thermo Fisher Scientific.


The story was captured by way of an interview with a contact that they had. Once the audio had been captured, it was back to the animation team who took that story, edited it down, and then went to work animating the storylines.

The great thing about this sort of approach is that the story and the audio can be captured in all sorts of fun and interesting ways. You could run an interview over Zoom or Webex. You may have an old piece of video footage or even archive material that you could use.

What matters is the story, the edit and how that is then delivered on screen.

I hope these short examples show you what is possible with animation. There really is a lot you can do with this medium, so if you are considering animation or just like to explore it, then be sure to give the team at Wooshii a call. We’ve done hundreds of these sorts of things and we can surely help you out.

Until next time, cheers!

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