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EBOOK: 3 Ways To Make Your Fintech Video Marketing More Impactful


The global Fintech industry is predicted to grow from $115bn in 2021 to $936.5bn by 2030.

The words ‘financial services’ and ‘dynamic’ are not exactly the most traditional of bedfellows. However, in recent years the consumer side of the industry has seen a major revolution, with brands such as Monzo and Revolut bringing colourful cards and shiny apps to a sector once overshadowed by dusty cheque books and lengthy queues to see a bank teller.


But just as Fintech takes a dynamic approach to the financial services industry, there needs to be a dynamic approach to its marketing, and that’s where video takes centre stage.

Check out our free eBook to understand the importance of video content as a marketing tool within financial tech & services, and discover our top 3 tips on how to make it work for your business.

What are you waiting for? Download now for access to:

💬 Commentary from Fintech leaders on how they use video to engage and inspire action
💡 3 ways to make your fintech video marketing more impactful
📊 Key stats and the latest industry insight
👀 A sneak peek at two case studies from leading fintech brands and eToro
🤩 Inspiration for your next video project

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