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Creating Diverse And Inclusive Video Content

Demand for diversity is clear with an increase of over 100% in just two years (

It’s a great big world out there, and it’s full of people. 7.9 billion people. Out of those billions a whopping 6.648 billion use a smartphone. That is 83.7% of the world’s population. This figure is up considerably from 2016 when there were only 3.668 billion users, 49.40% of that year’s global population (bankmycell). 

The figures are mind blowing. 

With this speed of exponential growth, brands and companies are racing to keep up with fresh and innovative marketing. Once that screen is turned on, it can be a minefield navigating the latest trends and nuanced content. And the most dominating content filling our screens? You guessed it. Video. Video. Video. 

It’s clear video is leading the way with how we communicate, share and learn – its integrated into everyday intricacies. Since video can be shared across different platforms, continents and lifestyles, why not utilise that to effectuate and influence people from different experiences, backgrounds and stories? Diverse content not only reaches more people but it offers a new perspective and uplifts tired narratives and ideas. People want to see something different, something that sparks conversation and learning. Diverse voices can connect with people in ways they have never experienced before. 

Thoughtful and respectful content

We are continuously learning and living in a more socially conscious culture each day. With that in mind, more consumers – especially younger ones – are looking beyond necessity when it comes to investing in services or products, because with so many wonderful choices why not choose a brand that aligns with their values and ideologies? Why not choose a brand where everyone is seen and is leading positive social change?

Embracing diverse creative talent and diverse creative work is about alignment of values. It’s about how a brand wants to portray itself and how it wants to be perceived across marketing-critical platforms. Through diverse and inclusive representation in video content, brands have a genuine opportunity to build-long lasting relationships with consumers that appreciate their approach and in many cases their purpose (WARC). 

For video marketers, the social frenzy doesn’t have to be daunting, not if you embrace it in an authentic way. 

“Video content has become such an important way for brands to gain meaningful attention with consumers and to turn audiences into engaged communities and brand advocates. However, this can only happen with true and authentic storytelling that represents our diverse world both in front of and behind the camera,” says Steve Wheen, Founder, Distillery

Diverse representation in video marketing: what do the stats say?

Inclusive content is no longer considered a bonus for video marketers; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is an integral component of an effective video content strategy. According to Facebook Advertising, 64% of audiences in the US, UK, and Brazil said they would like to see more diversity from online content. Deloitte’s Heat Test Report found 69% of brands with representation in ads saw an average stock gain of 44%.

Diversity has many layers and includes diversity in faith, age, sexual orientation, ability, body type, and more in addition to racial diversity. Compared to 2019, there has been a 113% increase in BIPOC video searches from members and visitors, with 937,000 more searches in 2021. There has been a 195% increase in the number of BIPOC video downloads, with 2.3 million more downloads in 2021 compared to 2019.

Shoot your shot with inclusive marketing and diverse voices

It’s clear representation in video is impactful. However, we’ve seen mistakes where brands have inappropriately associated their videos with certain communities and it didn’t go so well, from the likes of Pepsi , Dove, Nivea Gillette even video ad royalty Burger King. Instead of decreasing cultural bias they ended up being a great example of what not to do.

The best way to do it is, be authentic, trust the experts and in an era of online connectivity – ask questions and embrace it. 

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