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YouTube’s 30-Second Ads Arrive on CTV!

Big news for everyone who’s into ads! At the annual YouTube Brandcast event held last week, YouTube said, “Hey, you know what we need? More unskippable ads!” And that’s exactly what we’re getting. They’re trading in their two 15-second ads for a shiny new 30-second one that you can’t skip. I mean, why watch one ad when you can watch a longer one, right?

YouTube Select, that cool thing YouTube started in 2020 to help advertisers find top-notch, family-friendly content, seems to be doing pretty well. Advertisers can now pick from a buffet of categories like music, sports, gaming, and more. And guess what? Over 70% of the time, these ads land on TV screens, which YouTube is pretty chuffed about.

With these new changes, YouTube’s offering advertisers the chance to run longer, 30-second ads. Their reason? Longer ads mean better storytelling, and advertisers can use their old content rather than making new stuff. Plus, YouTube reckons we’re okay with 30-second ads on our TVs, as we’re used to them from regular TV shows.

But wait, there’s more! YouTube’s also bringing in “Pause” ads on Connected TV devices. Basically, every time you hit pause, an ad pops up. Talk about making the most of every second!

This all comes after a recent report showing YouTube’s the only streaming service in the U.S. that’s actually getting more people to watch. While the likes of Netflix and Disney+ are either stalling or losing viewers, YouTube’s audience has grown by a modest 1.5% between March 27 and April 30, 2023.

YouTube Dominates CTV
TV is eating into mobile’s share of YouTube viewership. Data via Precise TV.

They’re not just getting bigger; they’re also switching screens. Almost half of YouTube’s U.S. viewers are now watching on TVs. Add in YouTube TV, and YouTube reached over 150 million people across connected TVs in the U.S. last month.

If you’re into American football, get ready for a touchdown! YouTube’s giving advertisers the chance to reach football fans across a bunch of NFL content, including live games and post-game chats. Plus, they’re launching a new series called “NFL Creator of the Week” on the NFL’s YouTube channel once the football season starts.

And the cherry on top? YouTube’s trusty AI helps advertisers choose the best ad formats for their campaigns. So there you have it, folks, YouTube’s really upping their ad game.

If you’re not in the U.S., don’t worry. YouTube’s got plans to bring these new ads to your screens later this year.

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