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TikTok’s Virality Fade: The New Game for Video Marketers

Once upon a time, TikTok was the dazzling starship rocketing creators into the stratosphere of fame. But what if that high-speed shuttle is losing fuel? Recent signs suggest that TikTok virality is cooling off. In a recent post on Adweek they dove into this apparent decline. The highlights being…

1. There have been growing concerns among creators that views and follower growth on TikTok are on a decline.

2. Most accounts with over 50 million followers reached this number before summer 2020, indicating that it’s becoming more difficult to gain such a following as the platform matures.

3. The number of viral hits (videos with over 10 million views) has decreased significantly over the past year. It peaked in February 2022 with 9,259 viral videos per week, compared to less than 4,600 videos per week in April 2023.

4. Smaller creators with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers are also experiencing a decline in views, with average views per video falling steadily since a peak in December 2022.

5. This decline can’t yet be considered statistically significant, but it might be an early indicator of a bigger future decline.

6. One theory for the perceived decrease in views is increased competition due to TikTok’s growing user base, which was revealed in mid-March to have reached 150 million in America and over 1.6 billion worldwide.

7. Newer content creators, despite having fewer followers, are often gaining a higher percentage of views and likes, contributing to the shift in viewership.

8. Many creators have noticed a “slow burn” model where their videos take longer to go viral, likely due to changes in the platform’s algorithm.

9. Average weekly views on TikTok have increased significantly compared to a year ago, but content distribution has changed, and established accounts are not necessarily gaining more followers.

10. Marketers need to adapt their strategies to this evolving landscape, focusing more on patience, spotting rising creators for potential partnerships, and adapting as tastes and preferences shift alongside TikTok’s expanding user base.

11. Despite the challenges, TikTok continues to provide a unique landscape where opportunity is available to all, regardless of follower count, emphasizing the importance of creativity.

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